Tripcents with Dwolla Helps You Save For Vacation
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EnergyFunders Simplifies its Payments with Automation
EnergyFunders automated its manual payment processes with Dwolla at a cost savings of 20%.
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Dwolla Helps Bento for Business Scale
Bento for Business allows employers to control employee spending using Dwolla’s API to facilitate the transfer of funds from the employer’s account to a Bento account.
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"Working with [Dwolla’s] tech team on our integration was great. They were always quick to respond to questions and very receptive to feedback. A feature that we requested during a meeting with them went live only a few weeks later. This gives us the confidence that as our payment needs evolve, so will Dwolla."
Trek Glowacki
Staff Software Engineer
Rally Rd. Provides Investment Opportunities
Rally Rd. needed a custom solution that fit its unique regulatory obligations.
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Relay Restaurant Delivery Platform Integrates API for Payouts
Relay Delivery, a restaurant delivery platform, pays its couriers using Dwolla, reducing its manual payout processing tasks by 100%, saving $1,200 a month.
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GOAT Marketplace Payouts with ACH API
With Dwolla's help, Goat decreased its support-related tickets by 80%.
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“We found Dwolla to have one of the best ACH-optimized APIs on the market. When it comes to dealing with the traditional complexities of building on top of the U.S. banking system, Dwolla’s API wraps the power of ACH into a flexible and straightforward integration.”
Alexi Nazem
CEO and Co-founder
GetMyBoat Marketplace Creates Ideal Payout Experience
The marketplace integrated Dwolla’s scalable, RESTful API in less than 14 days.
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Savings App Outpaces Projection by 20% With Dwolla
Using Dwolla, Kidfund, outpaced its transferred funds projection by 20%
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Qoins Mobile App Improves Its Margins with Dwolla
After switching payments providers, Qoins improved margins by 10% with Dwolla’s API.
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